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At farewell function of Supreme Court Bar Association, Justice Nazeer stresses on increased women's representation in judiciary, decent pay for juniors

Supreme Court Judge, Justice Abdul S. Nazeer on Wednesday highlighted the low representation of women in the Indian Judiciary, besides increasing the pay scale for junior lawyers, during his farewell function by Supreme Court Bar Association.
08:00 PM Jan 04, 2023 IST | India Legal
at farewell function of supreme court bar association  justice nazeer stresses on increased women s representation in judiciary  decent pay for juniors

Supreme Court Judge, Justice Abdul S. Nazeer on Wednesday highlighted the low representation of women in the Indian Judiciary, besides increasing the pay scale for junior lawyers.

Attending his farewell function at the Supreme Court Bar Association, Justice Nazeer said the number of female Judicial Officers, lawyers and Judges was very less and that steps should be taken to increase their number.

He said all three organs of the state should work together to preach and practice equality.


Speaking about the young members of the bar making appearance in his courtroom, he said their energy and competence was unparalleled.

The younger generation in Judiciary should pursue their profession with utmost sincerity and take the baton of justice forward. Justice Nazeer further said that the young generation needed mentors to channelise energy.


He told the young lawyers that they should not let their past decide their future. ‘Take the plunge and accept the opportunity. Even if you fail, you will always learn something new,’ he added.


The Supreme Court Judge further pressed for increasing the pay scale of young lawyers, stating that a decent pay for juniors would bring more talented members to the profession, so that the Judiciary reaches the last cry of justice.


Talking about his career, Justice Nazeer said, ‘It feels like a dream come true. I was 24 when my career began. I never played 20-20 in my profession, but a test match like Sunil Gavaskar. I did not aim for sixes, but increased my score with regular practice.

Speaking about the ‘Duck syndrome,’ he said while a duck silently glided over water, it furiously flapped its feet beneath water, to remain afloat.


‘The same happened with me. I practiced harder and harder to glide smoothly and remain afloat in this profession. After great events, which took place in both professional and personal life, which resulted in fond memories, I express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who helped me during this journey,’ he added.

Justice Nazeer was born on January 5, 1958 and enrolled as an advocate on February 18, 1983. He practiced before the Karnataka High Court and was appointed as an additional Judge of the High Court on May 12, 2003. He became a permanent judge on September 24, 2004. He was elevated to the Supreme Court on February 17, 2017.

SCBA Vice-President Pradeep Rai said Justice Nazeer came from a humble village background. He spoke Tulu language proficiently. He has five brothers and one sister. He first worked with his father-in-law and later with other illustrious Advocates.

He is a man of simple living with a million dollar smile. He is like a 20-20 player, who played a brilliant 20-year innings at the Bar, and as many at the Bench.

Stating that Justice Nazeer was fond of mediation, Rai said this has led to several mediators in the Supreme Court today.

Chief Justice of India (CJI) D.Y. Chandrachud said that Justice Nazeer had an arduous journey from his humble roots to judgeship.

The CJI said Justice Nazeer was a farmer at heart and it was a difficult life for him to grow up on his uncle’s farms and he had even scavenged for fish on the Perambur Beach, which used to wash up there. It was a journey from there.

Justice Nazeer was a judge dedicated to the law and all those affected by it and was a people’s judge, said the CJI, adding that the Supreme Court Judge had done everything expected of him and contributed immensely to jurisprudence in areas of administrative law, family law and more.

Justice Chandrachud also mentioned that in his college days, Justice Nazeer was fond of theatre. He wrote dialogues, shot scenes and was also the female lead singer in his own play.

He said Justice Nazeer was known for his Tulu songs. Highlighting Justice Nazeer’s simplicity, CJI Chandrachud said highlighting that the judge did not even have a passport till 2019 and first travelled outside the country to Moscow only a few weeks ago.

He said the Supreme Court was bidding farewell to a ‘devoted’ son, a collegial colleague, a gentle employer, a fierce advocate, a people’s judge and a dear friend.

Earlier today, while sitting with Justice Nazeer as part of the tradition, the CJI had said in open court that Justice Nazeer always stood for what was right and was not one to remain neutral when faced with right and wrong.

SCBA President Vikas Singh said it was a sad moment for the Bar to bid farewell to such distinguished people. Stating that the age of retirement for Apex Court Judges should be increased, Singh said the Supreme Court Judges were at their best in terms of intellect and acumen, when they retired at the age of 65. Something should be done about this, so that the Judges are able to work longer and contribute more to this institution and the country as well.

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